Looking for cash for junk car near Eden Prairie?

Look no further. We are positive that our team is the right ones to help you out when looking for cash for junk car near Eden Prairie! One of the awesome things about working with our team here is that we really, really do care what sort of condition your vehicle is in. In fact, many of the vehicles that we salvage tend to be in a condition which is a little bit worse for wear.

In most cases, the vehicles that we take in (and that we pay cash for!) are vehicles which the owner has decided they no longer want. They really do not wish to go through the rigmarole of selling it. They just need the money coming in right away.

In other cases, you may want to sell your vehicle to us if you feel that the repair costs far outweigh the actual value of the vehicle. At a certain point, you just need to call it quits and pick up a new vehicle. There is not a single mass-produced vehicle out there which is worth repairing endlessly. It does not matter how much you love it!

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What Do You Need to Know to Salvage Your Vehicle?

cash for junk car near Eden Prairie

Not a whole lot! When you get in touch with us to discuss cash for junk car near Eden Prairie, we will ask you a few questions. This includes:

⁃ Make and model of your vehicle
⁃ Year it was made
⁃ The condition of the vehicle.
⁃ Mileage the vehicle has done.

Once we have this information to hand, we will be able to provide you with a quote. We guarantee that the quote we give you is going to be one of the highest in Eden Prairie. If you are happy with the quote, and we are positive that you will be, we will arrange a date and time for when we can come and collect that vehicle. We will select a time that is convenient for you. You will, of course, need to provide us with details that show that you own that vehicle. If everybody is happy when we arrive, we pay you cash and take away your vehicle. Pretty simple process!

What Should You Do Before We Arrive?

We aim to remove the vehicle from your premises quickly and easily. Before we arrive, we suggest that you go through the vehicle and remove any personal belongings. Don’t forget to check under the seats! We also recommend that you get hold of your proof of ownership. Ideally, you will have the title or registration of the vehicle to hand, but if you do not have that, we may be able to accept other forms of proof. Just ask us what we are willing to accept for cash for junk car near Eden Prairie!

Get in touch with our team today. All we need is a few details of your vehicle and we will be able to give you a fantastic junk car quote!